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Configure IDOL server for Text Parse Queries
IDOL server can categorize documents or alert users to new content that matches their agents before it indexes the documents. This process includes matching against AgentBoolean rules.
You can configure your pre-indexing tasks to send the percent-encoded IDX or XML document as query text, with the TextParse action parameter set to true.
When you use an IDX or an XML document as query text, you must configure as TextParseIndexType all the fields that you use to match agents and categories.
IDOL server stores agents and categories in the Agentstore component. The Agentstore component has its own configuration file, which by default is stored in the following location:
To configure TextParse fields
Decide which fields in the document contains the content you want to match against the AgentBoolean categories (for example, the DRECONTENT and the DRETITLE field).
In the [FieldProcessing] section, add a new process to the list of processes. This process identifies the fields in the IDX or XML document that you want to match against the AgentBoolean categories. For example:
Create a new section for the process you added. In this section, create a property for the process (you define the property later by using configuration parameters). Set PropertyFieldCSVs to a list of fields to associate with the process. If you are not sure which fields to use, type */* to use all fields. For example:
Create a new section for the property you added in which you set TextParseIndexType to true. This property indicates that IDOL server must use the associated fields as query text in TextParse queries. For example:
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