Delayed Synchronization

The indexing process has the following stages:

  1. The IDOL Content component creates a representation of the new data in the index cache.

  2. The IDOL Content component synchronizes the cache with data that it currently contains, and stores the new data on disk, removing it from the index cache.

Delayed synchronization allows you to select how the IDOL Content component synchronizes the index cache with the IDOL data. This process is useful in systems where you schedule indexing tasks at times when IDOL is also handling queries.

The DelayedSync parameter in the [Server] section of IDOL Content component configuration file allows you to specify whether the indexing process uses delayed synchronization.

If the DelayedSync parameter is not set, IDOL synchronizes the cache as soon as the representation of data is made. New data is available to the user (as query results) quickly. Use this setting in systems where up-to-date data is the priority.

Synchronization uses resources that the IDOL Content component could otherwise use for querying. Delayed synchronization reduces this effect by collecting multiple data representations in the index cache and then synchronizing them all with IDOL data at the same time. This process is useful in systems where query speed is more important than having the most up-to-date data.


HPE recommends that you use delayed synchronization if you index a large number of small files (files that are smaller than 100MB).

To configure delayed synchronization

  1. Open the IDOL Content component configuration file in a text editor.

  2. In the [Server] section, set the DelayedSync parameter to True.

  3. In the [Server] section, set the MaxSyncDelay parameter to the maximum length of time between synchronization operations.

  4. In the [IndexCache] section, set the IndexCacheMaxSize parameter to the maximum size that the IDOL Content component index cache can grow to before synchronizing.


    When the index cache reaches this maximum size, the IDOL Content component synchronizes the cache, but data is not available for searching until the MaxSyncDelay has passed, or you send a DRESYNC index action.

  5. Save and close the configuration file.

  6. Restart the IDOL Content component for your changes to take effect.