Install Separate IDOL Components

For a component setup, where you install and run each IDOL component separately, you can download and install individual component ZIP packages, if you do not want to use the IDOL Server installer.

Each component ZIP package provides a configuration file, and the required modules for the component. It also includes a component-specific Reference, which contains the actions and configuration parameters relevant to that component.

To install the component, you extract the ZIP package to the host where you want to run the component. You must also update the [License] section of the configuration file to include appropriate license information. If you have more than one version of a component running on the same host, you might also need to update the port information to ensure that each component uses a different port.

Component packages are available for the core IDOL Server components, as well as the FileSystem and HTTP CFS Connectors.

On Microsoft Windows operating systems, you can optionally also add components as a Windows service. See Install an IDOL Component as a Service on Windows.