Front-End Applications

There are a variety of applications that provide a user interface through which you can access, customize, search, and modify data in your IDOL system.

Find and BIFHI are provided as part of the IDOL Server installer. Find provides a basic end-user search interface for IDOL, and BIFHI provides the search interface with some additional functionality. There are also several IDOL applications that use IDOL for different business purposes, such as archiving, data mining, and eDiscovery. For more information, contact your Account Manager.

In addition, you can create custom front-end applications to use your IDOL data.


Find is a basic end-user search interface for IDOL. Find also includes Business Information for Human Intelligence (BIFHI).

Find supports the following functionality:


Visualizations, saved searches, and comparisons are available only to users with the FindBI role. For more information, refer to the Find Installation Guide.

Custom Front-End Applications

The ACI (Autonomy Content Infrastructure) Client API allows you to create your own custom front-end applications.

The ACI API enables easy communication between custom-built applications and IDOL ACI servers, as well as simple manipulation of the results sets. IDOL SDKs are available for several programming languages, including C, Java, and .NET.

For more information, refer to the ACI API Programming Guide.