Administrative Applications

There are several IDOL applications that allow you to manipulate and modify the data in IDOL, and to monitor the IDOL services and applications.

IDOL Admin

IDOL Admin allows you to administer the IDOL Content component. You can use the Web-based application interface to:

For more information, refer to the IDOL Admin User Guide.

IDOL Site Admin

IDOL Site Admin is an administration component used to monitor and manage IDOL services. You can use IDOL Site Admin to start and stop services, and monitor individual services and the overall health of your IDOL services. You can also view all log files and configuration files.

For information on how to install and access IDOL Site Admin, refer to the IDOL Site Admin Installation Guide.

For information about how to use IDOL Site Admin to monitor your services, refer to the IDOL Site Admin User Guide.

IDOL Data Admin


Before IDOL version 11.3, IDOL Data Admin was known as IDOL Search Optimizer.

IDOL Data Admin allows you to manage data indexed in IDOL servers to optimize the search process for your end users. You can create and modify promotions or keywords to predefine the results that are returned to users, and control how users view them. You can also view statistical information to help you to refine the rules that you created, and make them more effective.

You can also use IDOL Data Admin administer an Answer Bank system for Answer Server, to set up your question and answer store.

For information on how to install and access IDOL Data Admin, refer to the IDOL Data Admin Installation Guide .

For information about how to use IDOL Data Admin to manage your data, refer to the IDOL Data Admin User Guide.