Retrieve Groups from eRoom

To retrieve groups from eRoom

  1. Open the OmniGroupServer configuration file.
  2. In the [Repositories] section, create a repository to contain the groups. For example:

  3. Create a section to contain the task details and set the following configuration parameters:

    GroupServerLibrary The full path (including the file name) to the library that allows the group server to access the repository. Use the ogs_eroom library.
    eRoomBuiltInGroups A Boolean that specifies whether to include built-in groups.
    eRoomCommunityNames A comma-separated list of eRoom communities from which users and groups must be retrieved.
    eRoomServer The IP address or name of the machine that hosts the eRoom server.
    eRoomXmlUrl The URL used to send eRoom requests using the eRoom XML Query Language, eXQL.

    For example:

    GroupServerLibrary=ogs_eroom eRoomBuiltInGroups=false eRoomCommunityNames=eRoom Members,ACommunity eRoomServer= eRoomXmlUrl=

    For a complete list of configuration parameters that you can use to configure this task, refer to the OmniGroupServer Reference

  4. Save and close the OmniGroupServer configuration file.