Combine Repositories

This section describes how to combine the user and group information stored in two different repositories. You might need to combine repositories when a document repository uses more than one security type. For example, Microsoft SharePoint uses a combination of NT and SharePoint security.

To combine the information from two different repositories

  1. Open the OmniGroupServer configuration file.
  2. In the [Repositories] section, create a new repository to contain the combined information. For example:

  3. In the section that you created for combining the security information, use the following parameters to configure the combine task:

    GroupServerJobType The type of task that OmniGroupServer must run. Set this parameter to Combine.
    GroupServerSections The names of the repositories in the configuration file that you want to merge.

    The number of seconds to wait before starting the task.

    It is important to set this parameter so that the combine operation does not start until the security groups have been retrieved by the other tasks. This ensures that the combine operation uses the latest information.

    The delay that you specify only has to ensure that the other jobs start first.

    For example, this configuration would combine the security information from the SharePoint and LDAP repositories into the Combine repository:


    For a complete list of configuration parameters that you can use, refer to the OmniGroupServer Reference.

  4. Save and close the configuration file.