OmniGroupServer Configuration File

You can configure OmniGroupServer by editing the configuration file. The configuration file is located in the OmniGroupServer installation folder. You can modify the file with a text editor.

The parameters in the configuration file are divided into sections that represent OmniGroupServer functionality.

For information about the configuration parameters that you can set in the OmniGroupServer configuration file, refer to the OmniGroupServer Reference.

Server Section

The [Server] section specifies the ACI port of the OmniGroupServer. It also contains parameters that determine which clients are permitted to make requests to the server.

Service Section

The [Service] section determines which computers are permitted to use and control the OmniGroupServer service.

Logging Section

The [Logging] section specifies how messages are logged. You can log separate message types to different log files.

Default Section

The [Default] section contains default settings for the parameters that are set in other sections of the configuration file. For example, if you configure several different repository types, you can set the default value for a configuration parameter here.

Repositories Section

The [Repositories] section contains a list of jobs or tasks that you want to run to retrieve security information from repositories. This list also specifies the repositories to query when the repository parameter is not specified in an action.

If you want one instance of OmniGroupServer to retrieve information from multiple repositories of the same type, you must configure a separate job for each repository. For example, for one instance of OmniGroupServer to connect to multiple LDAP servers, you must configure a job for each LDAP server.