Set Up the Connector

The connector you use to retrieve information from your repository must be configured to add an ACL to each document. For example, if you are implementing mapped security for data extracted from an ODBC data source, you must ensure that the template that ODBC Connector uses to index data includes a field for the ACL.

ACLs are typically written to a document field named AUTONOMYMETADATA. The format of the ACL is usually controlled by the connector, so that it never needs configuring manually. In the case of custom mapped security, the format must match the format you specified using the SecurityACLFormat parameter in the IDOL Server configuration file.

To add an ACL to each document, the connector must first construct the ACL. You can encrypt the ACL using the Lua function encrypt_security_field.

The connector must also add a field to each document that identifies the security type. For example, using Lua:


The value that you specify for this field must match the value that you specified in the IDOL Server configuration file to identify the security type (see Identify the Security Type).