IDOL Server can automatically categorize data. IDOL categorization allows you to derive categories from the concepts found in unstructured text. This process ensures that IDOL Server accurately classifies all data in the correct context. IDOL categorization is a scalable solution capable of handling high volumes of information accurately and consistently.

IDOL categorization does not rely on rigid rule-based category definitions such as legacy keyword and Boolean operators. Instead, IDOL infrastructure uses a pattern matching process based on concepts. It can then automatically tag data sets, route content, or alert users to relevant information pertinent to the user profile.

IDOL hooks into various repositories and data formats respecting all security and access entitlements, delivering complete reliability.

Category Matching

IDOL Server accepts a category or piece of content and returns categories ranked by conceptual similarity. This ranking determines the most appropriate categories for the piece of content, so that IDOL Server can subsequently tag, route, or file the content accordingly.