Return Documents in Multiple Languages

When you send a query action to the IDOL Content component, by default it returns results that use the same language and encoding as the query text. This language type can be:

To return documents in any language for your query rather than in the query language, set the AnyLanguage parameter to True to your query.

When Content receives the query, it applies the stemming algorithm and stop word list that is appropriate for the query language type. It returns only documents that contain words which match the stopped and stemmed terms in the query (that is, the words in result documents must stem to the same root as the words in the query text).

For example: internet marketing solutions in Baghdad&AnyLanguage=True

In this example, Content returns documents in multiple languages that contain terms that match terms in the specified Text.

The query returns documents in multiple languages only if they contain terms that match terms in the query (for example, query text that contains the term Baghdad might return documents in English, French, German, and so on).