IDOL Language Support Concepts

IDOL uses probabilistic modeling and therefore does not require any form of language-dependent parsing, dictionaries, or translation modules.

Treating words as abstract symbols of meaning allows IDOL technology to derive understanding through the context in which symbols occur rather than a rigid definition of grammar. Slang and other variations in language do not affect the software analysis.

The IDOL Content component can build up a statistical understanding of the patterns in any language. The more information Content has about a particular type of information (for example, legal terms, pharmaceutical developments, technology, and so on), the more understanding it gains of those topics.

You can think of a new language as simply another type of information, for which Content needs enough material to learn from. Therefore, it is possible to mix more than one language in Content as long as you have sufficient amounts of each language to build its understanding.

The choice of language does not compromise the accuracy of the concepts extracted by the IDOL Content component. The underlying algorithm is the same regardless of the language used.

IDOL internationalization functionality enables:

Although IDOL technology is language independent, it can be beneficial to use language-dependent features to optimize the ability of the IDOL Content component to match concepts irrespective of their appearance in text. IDOL therefore provides the following features: