IndexerGetStatus Example

An IndexerGetStatus action is sent to the IDOL Content componentfollowing a DREADD index action. Content returns the following output:

<timeformat>YYYY/MM/DD HH:NN:SS</timeformat>
<state>Inactive (no jobs)</state>
    <received_time>2015/03/31 16:14:43</received_time>
    <start_time>2015/03/31 16:14:44</start_time>
    <end_time>2015/03/31 16:16:44</end_time>


Tag Name Description
<timeformat> The time and date format that the response uses.
<state> The status of the Content component indexing thread.
<id> The ID number of the index action.
<origin_ip> The IP address of the machine that sent the index action to Content.
<received_time> The time that Content received the action.
<start_time> The time that Content started processing the index action.
<end_time> The time that Content finished processing the index action.
<duration_secs> The total amount of time in seconds that Content spent processing the index action.
<documents_processed> The number of documents that Content processed during the indexing job.
<documents_deleted> The number of documents deleted during the indexing process.
<status> The status code of the current status of the index action in the Content index queue.
<description> The description of the <status> number.
<docidrange> The range of DocIDs of documents that were processed during the index job.
<index_command> The index action for the index job.

For the DRECOMPACT index action, IndexerGetStatus also returns a <drecompact_status> section to show the time that each stage of the compaction takes. This section contains <stage> tags, with the following attributes.


The name of the compaction stage.


The description of the compaction stage.


The percentage of the compaction stage that is complete.


The time that the compaction stage has taken.


If you pause the DRECOMPACT index action, this attribute is set to True for the paused stage.

The Content component returns the following status messages in the <state> tag to show whether it is currently processing jobs, or if it is paused:

Paused (out of disk space)
Paused (waiting for flush lock)
Inactive (no jobs)