Enable Deduplication for Individual Index Jobs

To enable deduplication for individual indexing jobs, use the KillDuplicates action parameter in the DREADD or DREADDDATA index actions.

You can use the KeepExisting action parameter when directly indexing data into the IDOL Content component with deduplication to reduce the indexing load.

You can use the following action parameters to move duplicates to a specified database.

You can use any of the deduplication options with DREADD and DREADDDATA actions. When you use either of these actions:

Use KeepExisting to Minimize the Index Load

If you set KillDuplicates to Reference or FieldName, you can use the KeepExisting action parameter to minimize the indexing load on Content when deduplicating.

Set KeepExisting to True to reverse normal deduplication and discard the document it has received for indexing and keep the existing matching document that it already contains instead.