Update Field Configuration

The field processes that you configure affect how the IDOL Content component processes data at index time. As a result, if you want to change the configuration after you have indexed data, there are often additional steps required to update your index.

There are three methods that you can use to update your field configuration:

These methods are the same as the methods that you can use to regenerate an index after a validation failure. For more information, see Repair an Index After Validation Fails.

You can make many field configuration changes using any of these methods. The DREREGENERATE index action allows you to make these configuration updates without restarting your server. However, for some changes you must reindex your content to make configuration changes. The following table describes how to update the field configuration for a particular property type.

Field type Update method
ACLType Requires reindex
AlwaysMatchType Requires reindex
AutnRankType Requires reindex
(and BitFieldCompressed, BitFieldMaxMemoryKB)
RegenerateBitFieldIndex or DREREGENERATE with Type=BitField. You can use IDOL Admin to update this field type.
CountType RegenerateCountIndex or DREREGENERATE with Type=Count. You can use IDOL Admin to update this field type.
DatabaseType Requires reindex
DateType Requires reindex
DocumentTrackingType Requires reindex
(and ExpireAfterDelay)
Requires reindex
FieldCheckType Requires reindex
FlattenIndexType Requires reindex
HiddenType No additional regeneration required
HighlightType No additional regeneration required
(and Weight)
Requires reindex
(and IndexNumbersNMaxLength, IndexNumbersType)
Requires reindex
InvertedAgentType Requires reindex
LangDetectType Requires reindex
LanguageType Requires reindex
MatchType RegenerateMatchIndex or DREREGENERATE with Type=Match. You can use IDOL Admin to update this field type.
MemCachedType You must restart the server to change the configuration
NonReversibleType No additional regeneration required
NumericDateType RegenerateNumericDateIndex or DREREGENERATE with Type=NumericDate. You can use IDOL Admin to update this field type.
(and NumericIntegerOnly, NumericNormalMaxMem)
RegenerateNumericIndex or DREREGENERATE with Type=Numeric. You can use IDOL Admin to update this field type.
OcrFilterType Requires reindex
ParametricType  RegenerateParametricIndex or DREREGENERATE with Type=Parametric. You can use IDOL Admin to update this field type.
(and Ranges)
RegenerateParametricIndex or DREREGENERATE with Type=Parametric
PrintType No additional regeneration required
ReferenceMemoryMappedType Requires reindex
ReferenceType Requires reindex
SectionBreakType Requires reindex
SecurityType Requires reindex. You can use IDOL Admin to update this field type.
SortType RegenerateSortIndex or DREREGENERATE with Type=Sort. You can use IDOL Admin to update this field type.
SourceType Requires reindex
SynonymType Requires reindex
TextParseIndexType Requires reindex
TitleType Requires reindex
TrimSpaces Requires reindex

If you attempt to use the DREREGENERATE index action to change a property that requires reindexing, the DREREGENERATE index action returns an error response and does not make the change.

When you use the DREREGENERATE index action to update the field configuration, you can set the Type parameter to Auto to automatically regenerate the indexes for the fields that you have changed. You can also set Type to None if you do not want to regenerate the indexes immediately, for example so that you can make a series of field configuration changes and then regenerate the indexes in an additional index action.

Update Fields in the Configuration File

Use the following procedure to update fields in the configuration file.


You must use this method for changes where you must reindex content for the changes to take effect.

To update field configurations in the configuration file

  1. Open the IDOL Content component configuration file in a text editor.

  2. Find the field configuration section that you want to modify.

  3. Modify any of the configuration parameters that you want to change. For details of the configuration parameters, refer to the IDOL Server Reference.

  4. (Optional) If you are modifying a field type that can be regenerated, find the [Server] section, and set the appropriate Regenerate*Index configuration parameter to True. For example, to update the configuration for MatchType fields, set the RegenerateMatchIndex parameter to True.

    You can alternatively skip this step and run a DREREGENERATE index action after you restart the server.

  5. Save and close the configuration file.

  6. Restart the IDOL Content component for your changes to take effect.

  7. Update your content:

  8. If you used the Regenerate*Index configuration parameters, set the parameters to False again in the configuration file. This step means that the server does not waste time by regenerating the index every time you restart the server.

Update Field Configuration with an Index Action

Use the following procedure to make field configuration changes for fields where you can regenerate the content. This method allows you to update the field configuration without restarting the server, which avoids downtime.


You can update the lists of fields associated with a particular property, but if you want to add a new field process or add an additional property to an existing process, you must update the configuration file manually.

To update field configurations with an index action

  1. Open the IDOL Content component configuration file in a text editor.

  2. Find the field configuration section that you want to modify.

  3. Send a DREREGENERATE index action to the IDOL Content component, with the FieldProcessingSection parameter set to the name of the configuration section that you want to modify. Set any of the following parameters to update the lists of fields:

    For example:


    This example updates the [SetMatchFields] configuration section, adding NewMatchField and SpecialMatch to the PropertyFieldCSVs, and removing ExistingMatchField. The DREREGENERATE index action automatically regenerates the Match index to make the configuration changes available.

Update Field Configuration with IDOL Admin

Use the following procedure to update your field configuration by using the IDOL Admin interface.

To update your field configuration by using IDOL Admin

  1. In the Service Control tab in the Console page, click Regenerate.

    The Regenerate dialog box opens.

  2. In the Type list, click the field type that you want to update.
  3. Select a priority for the index action. This determines how Content queues the action.

  4. Click Regenerate.

You can monitor the progress of the DREREGENERATE action in the Recent Tasks panel.