BitFieldType Fields

If you have documents that can be part of several different document sets, you can use BitFieldType fields to efficiently store information on which sets the documents belong to.

The value in a BitFieldType field is a hexadecimal number, which in turn represents a binary number. The binary number is a representation of the sets that a document belongs to, with each binary digit representing a particular set of documents. If a document is part of a set, the bit corresponding to that set is a 1. If a document is not part of that set, the bit is a 0.

For example, if a document is present in sets 0, 5, 9, 11, 12, and 13, it has the following binary representation:


where the digit at the furthest right position represents set 0, the digit to the left of set 0 represents set 1 and so on. Set numbers increase from right to left.

This number is the binary representation of the decimal number 14881, and the hexadecimal number 3A21. Therefore, the BitField contains the value 3A21 to indicate that the document is part of these sets:

#DREFIELD BitField="003A21"

In this way, information on sets can be stored in a single field per document, for an arbitrarily large number of sets.


Each document that you store in Content must contain only one instance of any particular BitFieldType field.