Set up the IDOL Host Machines

To communicate with the SQL server, you must install an SQL driver (for your server type), and you must install an ODBC driver manager on the IDOL host machines.


To use document tracking with a PostgreSQL back end, you must have PostgreSQL ODBC client driver version 9.1.0 or later.

Install the SQL Driver and Manager for PostgreSQL

Microsoft Windows has a driver manager by default. If you require a driver manager for Linux, try UnixODBC, for example by using the following command:

sudo apt-get install unixodbc

You can download drivers for both Windows and Linux on the PostgreSQL Web site:

Make sure that you install the correct version for your platform (for example, 64-bit).

On Linux, it might be easier to use your package manager. For PostgreSQL:

sudo apt-get install odbc-postgresql

Make a note of the name of the SQL driver that you install, because you must reference it in a configuration parameter, or a data source name (DSN).

Check the Installed Drivers

Use the following procedures to check the installed drivers.


You can use the Windows user interface to find the installed drivers for the Microsoft SQL Server back end.

To check the installed drivers on Linux and UNIX ODBC

To find a list of drivers on Windows

  1. Run the following command to open the driver manager:

  2. In the driver manager, review the information on the Drivers tab. The following driver is required:

    PostgreSQL ANSI or PostgreSQL ANSI (x64)