Configure View to Use a Distributed Connector

When you set up a system to view documents that you have indexed into the IDOL Content component, you need a method to retrieve the original document to convert for viewing. One method for doing this is to use Distributed Connector.

Distributed Connector is a central connector that manages operations across the connectors that retrieve documents from your repositories. The Connectors each have access to the document source repository for indexing, so you can use this access for viewing as well. This method simplifies authentication and retrieval for your repositories, and does not require a secondary store of documents for View server.

This method simplifies authentication and retrieval from your data repositories. However, it requires more network transfer than other viewing methods.


For viewing through Distributed Connector to work, the connectors must recognize the document reference that you use. HPE recommends that you use the AUTN_IDENTIFIER field as the reference, which all connectors use.

You can use this method only for connectors that support the View action. You must also register the connector in the Distributed Connector, and use a connector group configuration to identify your connectors. For more information about the connector configuration, refer to IDOL Expert.