Modify the HTML Output for PDF Files

You can modify the HTML output from the conversion of PDF files by setting the following parameters in the [KVHTMLConfig] section of the template file.

Template configuration options for PDF files

Parameter Description
KVCFG_SETHIFIPDF Converts each page of a PDF document to a JPEG file, which provides a high-fidelity conversion of the document. By default, PDF files are converted to HTML.
KVCFG_SUPPRESSTOCPRINTIMAGE Prevents the use of bookmarks in a PDF file to generate a table of contents in the HTML output (the default behavior).
KVCFG_DELSOFTHYPHEN Removes soft hyphens in the source document and joins the hyphenated words in the HTML output. By default, soft hyphens are maintained.

Determines the order in which to extract paragraphs from a PDF. By default, the IDOL View component extracts PDF paragraphs in the order in which they are stored in the file (unstructured reading order), not the order in which they appear on the visual page (logical reading order). You can specify the following paragraph directions:

  • LPDF_LTR. Logical reading order and left-to-right paragraph direction. Use this option when most of your documents are in a language that uses left-to-right reading order, such as English or German.
  • LPDF_RTL. Logical reading order and right-to-left paragraph direction. Use this option when most of your documents are in a language that uses right-to-left reading order, such as Hebrew or Arabic.
  • LPDF_AUTO. Logical reading order. The PDF reader determines the paragraph direction for each PDF page, and then sets the direction accordingly. This option is used when no paragraph direction is specified.
  • LPDF_RAW. Unstructured paragraph flow. This value is the default behavior. If you enable logical reading order, and you want to return to an unstructured paragraph flow, set this flag.

Displays rotated text in a file at zero degrees at the bottom of the page that it appears on. The IDOL View component enlarges the page to accommodate the text.

By default, rotated text in a file is displayed in its original position, at the original font size, and at zero degrees rotation. Because the text is the original size, but might be displayed in a smaller space, the text might overlap adjacent text in the HTML output. Use the KVCFG_SETTEXTROTATE option to avoid this problem.

HTML markup does not support text rotation.


Displays a JavaScript button in the upper right corner of the exported page, which you can click to switch between invisible and normal text.

When you turn on invisible text, the invisible text is displayed and the normal content is hidden; when you turn off invisible text, the invisible text is hidden.


Displays invisible text with an image in the PDF.

Invisible text often occurs in PDF documents when the PDF software processes rasterized images through optical character recognition and then inserts the text in the PDF. You might want to display both the invisible text and the rasterized image.

Set the invisible text opacity to an integer between 0 and 100, where 0 hides the invisible text and 100 displays it fully.