Distribute View Servers

When you have multiple IDOL View components set up to process View requests, you can use the Distributed Action Handler (DAH) to distribute requests between the servers.

To distribute IDOL View components with a DAH, you must configure the DAH to distribute the View actions by reference. The DAH distribute by reference mode ensures that it always sends repeated requests for the same document to the same View child server. This process ensures that each document is cached in only one IDOL View component, and the cache is used in subsequent requests for the same document.

DAH distribution by reference is available only for the View, GetLink, and ViewGetDocInfo actions. When you upload documents to view by using the View action with the ViewUpload parameter, you can add the Reference parameter to ensure consistent routing.


If you do not configure DAH in distribute by reference, images in converted documents might fail to load.

For more information about this method, refer to the Distributed Action Handler Administration Guide.