Fields whose Values are Similar to a Specified String


The FUZZY field specifier (case sensitive) allows you to find documents in which a specified field contains a term that is similar to a specified term or phrase.




is one or more terms (or phrases). A document returns only if one of these terms (or phrases) is similar to a string in one of yourFields.

FieldText queries which include commas and braces within the query have specific percent-encoding requirements. For information about percent-encoding, see FieldText.


is one or more fields. A document returns only if it contains one of these fields, and if the value in this field is similar to one of yourTerms.

If you want to specify multiple fields, separate them with colons (there must be no space before or after a colon).


FieldText=FUZZY{Bisiness News,Arkive}:DRETITLE

The DRETITLE field value must be similar to the term Bisiness News, or Arkive for the document to return. For example, a document whose DRETITLE field contains Business News returns, but a document whose DRETITLE field contains Document Arkive does not.