Enable Synonym Lists

To enable synonym lists, you must create a synonym file, and configure the IDOL Content component to use it.

When you configure a synonym list, Content uses it at index time to locate the synonyms, and it applies the synonyms at query time, when you use the Synonym parameter.

Synonym lists might be useful if you want to use synonym matching for a small number of terms (100 or less). For longer lists of synonyms, it might affect the performance of indexing and query, and HPE recommends that you use Query Manipulation Server instead.


You must set up the synonym file before you index the data that you want to search.

The following sections describe how to set up and configure Content to use the synonym file:

Create a Synonym File

The synonym file contains the synonyms that you want to apply in your queries.

Configure the IDOL Content component to Use a Synonym File

To configure Content to use a synonym file, you must configure a field process to specify the fields that you want to apply the synonym processing to. For these fields, Content processes and stores synonym information when you index documents, and retrieves the synonym information for synonym queries.

You must also configure the synonym job, which defines the location of the synonym file to use.

Perform Synonym Searches

After you create a synonym file and configure Content to use it, you can index your content. During the index process, Content processes the synonym rules and stores information about the synonyms in your index.

To run a synonym search, you send a Query action with the Synonym parameter set to True. For example:

http://localhost:5552/action=Query&Text=Felix is a great mouser&Synonym=True

This query returns documents that match the term mouser, as well as documents that match any of the terms configured as synonyms for the term mouser.


Content identifies and searches for synonyms only in the configured synonym fields. For any index fields that you do not define as synonym fields, Content searches only for the exact query terms.

Synonym queries return synonym links, which indicate internally the set of terms and phrases that a synonym corresponds to. You can use the TermExpand action, with the Expansion parameter set to Synonym, to expand these internal links to see what these term phrases are.

Update Synonym Files

Content processes synonyms at index time. When you want to update or add a synonym in your synonym file, you must reindex your content for the modified synonyms to be available over all content. If you do not reindex, the synonym changes apply only to new documents.