Case-Sensitive Exact Phrase Search

If you enable AdvancedCaseSearch before you index content into the IDOL Content component, and submit a phrase in quotation marks, Content matches the exact unstemmed phrase (the same way it matches if AdvancedSearch is enabled). If you prefix a term with a tilde (~), Content matches the term case-sensitively.

For example:

action=Query&Text="fresh and ~Lovely"

Content removes any stop words that the query contains (the example query above contains the stop word and) but matches only documents that contain the exact unstemmed form of the terms. It is as if the query were:

action=Query&Text="fresh ~Lovely"

When it matches the query, Content returns only documents that contain a phrase that matches the phrase in the query string. The query "fresh and ~Lovely" can return only documents that contain a phrase which matches the phrase fresh Lovely (for example, fresh Lovely, fresh and Lovely, Fresh or Lovely, and so on).

For more information about case-sensitive searching, refer to IDOL Expert.