Case-Sensitive Exact Keyword Search

To find documents that contain case-sensitive exact matches of a keyword, enable the AdvancedCaseSearch setting before you index content into the IDOL Content component:

If you set AdvancedCaseSearch to True in the IDOL Content component configuration file [Server] section before you index content, you can query for case-sensitive exact matches of keywords by prefixing the keyword with a tilde (~) and putting it in quotation marks when you perform the query.

For example, if you query Content with "~Lovely", it does not stem the word, and finds only documents that contain Lovely.

If you put a word into quotation marks but do not prefix it with a tilde (~), Content matches it exactly but not case-sensitively (that is, the query "Lovely" matches documents that contain, for example, Lovely, lovely, lOveLy, and so on).

If you prefix a word with a tilde (~) and do not put it into quotation marks, Content matches it conceptually and case-sensitively (that is, the query Lovely matches documents that contain, for example, Lovely, Love, Loved, Loving, and so on).

For more information about case-sensitive searching, refer to IDOL Expert.