Analytics Functions

Analytics functions allow you to perform an operation on document fields at query time, and create a temporary field that contains the result, which you can use in other query operations such as FieldText. The UserMetaFields parameter for the Query and GetQueryTagValues actions specifies an operation that you want to perform, and the name of the field that you want to create.

For example, you can use UserMetaFields to create a new field that contains the mean of the values of specified fields in a document. You can then use the average in the FieldText parameter to find documents with a particular mean value, or in the Sort parameter to sort the results by the mean value.

For operations that you want to use regularly, you might want to use Connector Framework Server (CFS) to process documents before you index, and add a field to the document that you can use in queries. In general, storing the results as permanent fields gives better query performance. However, you can use UserMetaFields to perform operations that you do not need regularly, or to create and use fields that you did not consider when you originally indexed the data. You can also use UserMetaFields if you want to update fields without recalculating the value of the stored field.