For this option, ReferenceTypeFields is a plus-, space-, or comma-separated list of ReferenceType fields. If a query produces several results that contain the same value in one or more of the specified ReferenceType fields, Content returns only the most relevant result. If several results have the same relevance, the result with the highest DocID returns (unless you enable a Sort option that overrides this).

For example:

http://IDOLhost:port/action=Query&Text=The Moonstone&Combine=DRETITLE

In this example, if several results contain the same value in the DRETITLE field, it displays only the result that has the highest relevance to the query text.

When you combine using a ReferenceType field, Content automatically uses all the fields that you list in the configuration file in the same PropertyFieldCSVs parameter as this field. To ensure that Content combines using only the specified field, you must set up an individual field process to identify this field as a ReferenceType field.

If you want to use multiple ReferenceType fields to combine, you might want to create a process that identifies all these fields as ReferenceType.

For example:




In this example, if you set Combine to DREREFERENCE, Content combines using the DREREFERENCE and url fields. If you set Combine to DRETITLE, it uses only the DRETITLE field to combine.