The FieldCheck option combines results based on the hash value of their FieldCheckType field. The FieldCheckType field holds a value that is frequently used to restrict results (for example, a field that stores category names). When Content indexes a FieldCheckType field, it stores it in a fast lookup table in memory, so that it can return quickly.

For example:

http://IDOLhost:port/action=Query&Text=The best thing to do in your spare time&Combine=FieldCheck

In this example, Content is configured to store the Category field as a FieldCheckType field.

If Content contains 50 documents that match the query text, of which eight contain a Category field with the value Sport, five contain a Category field with the value Gardening, and one contains a Category field with the value Cooking, the above query returns only three results:


If you set URLAnalysis to True in the [Server] section of the IDOL Content component configuration file, you cannot identify a field as a FieldCheckType field, because Content automatically uses the domain of the URL it finds in the document ReferenceType fields as the FieldCheck value.