Perform an Action with the QuerySummary Parameter

To perform an action with the QuerySummary parameter, add the following parameters to your Query, Suggest, or SuggestOnText action:

QuerySummary=True Content identifies the three most relevant terms and phrases of the clustered phrases, and returns them in an <autn:querysummary> field. It also returns a list of the specified QuerySummaryLength number of the best terms and phrases.
Combine=Simple If multiple sections in a result document match the query, Content displays only the section with the highest conceptual similarity (rather than returning different sections of the same result document). This process increases the relevance of the final phrases.
Print=NoResults The purpose of the query is to provide dynamic clustering but not return results at the same time. Printing the results slows the IDOL Content component performance.
MaxResults=N Set this parameter to the number of results from which you want to generate the terms and phrases. Setting MaxResults too high can slow the query performance (a sensible value might be 50–500).

For example:

action=Query&Text=War In Iraq&QuerySummary=True&Combine=Simple&Print=NoResults&MaxResults=100