Display Document Fields

You can configure the IDOL Content component to display specific document fields whenever it returns query results. Alternatively, you can specify the document fields that Content returns when you perform an individual query.

Configure IDOL Server to Always Display Specific Fields

To display specific document fields every time Content returns query results, create a field process in the IDOL Content component configuration file that identifies the document fields that you want to display. After you create this field process, the fields that you identified always display when Content returns query results (provided that you set the query action Print parameter to Fields, which is its default value).

Every time you perform a Query, Suggest, SuggestOnText, or GetContent query, IDOL Server now returns SUMMARY and DRECONTENT field of the result documents, in addition to the metafields that it displays by default.

Display Specific Fields for Individual Queries

To return specific document fields for individual queries, use the Print or PrintFields action parameters when you perform a Query, Suggest, SuggestOnText, or GetContent query action.