Display Cluster Information

In the previous example, if you have set QuerySummaryLength to 10 in the configuration file, the IDOL Content component lists the top 10 relevant terms or phrases that the results contain:

<autn:element pdocs="63" poccs="132" cluster="0" docs="66" ids="398867,388941,...">Saddam Hussein</autn:element>
<autn:element pdocs="43" poccs="78" cluster="0" docs="43" ids="398867,343399,...">Middle East</autn:element>
<autn:element pdocs="22" poccs="41" cluster="0" docs="24" ids="388941,338798,...">Gulf War</autn:element>
<autn:element pdocs="17" poccs="32" cluster="0" docs="19" ids="409508,398867,...">President Bush</autn:element>
<autn:element pdocs="12" poccs="17" cluster="1" docs="12" ids="326892,326496,...">United</autn:element>
<autn:element pdocs="10" poccs="15" cluster="1" docs="10" ids="388941,326892,...">South Asia</autn:element>
<autn:element pdocs="4" poccs="7" cluster="1" docs="6" ids="428429,326497,...">Military Action</autn:element>
<autn:element pdocs="3" poccs="4" cluster="1" docs="3" ids="326496,227758,...">Washington Post</autn:element>
<autn:element pdocs="2" poccs="4" cluster="1" docs="3" ids="324404,227756,...">U.N. Security</autn:element>
<autn:element pdocs="2" poccs="3" cluster="1" docs="2" ids="398567,343199,..."Baghdad</autn:element>

The information for the top phrases and terms that Content has generated consists of the following elements:


The number of documents in which the entire phrase appears.


The total number of times that the phrase appears in documents.


The number of the Automatic Query Guidance cluster that the phrase falls into. A negative number indicates that the associated documents do not fall into any of the generated clusters.


The number of documents in which all the terms appear.


The IDs of the documents in which the phrases appear. You can use the IDs in a front end to display how many documents a dynamic cluster contains.

For example:

<autn:element pdocs="63" poccs="132" cluster="0" docs="66" ids="398867,388941,...">Saddam Hussein</autn:element>

In this example, the phrase "Saddam Hussein" occurs in 63 documents out of the 100 results. The phrase appears 132 times in total. The phrase falls into Automatic Query Guidance cluster 0. A total of 66 documents contain the terms "Saddam" and "Hussein".

Content also returns the best phrases or terms of the top three Automatic Query Guidance clusters in a comma-separated list in the <autn:querysummary> field. However, dynamic clustering does not use these terms.

<autn:querysummary>Saddam Hussein, Middle East, Gulf War</autn:querysummary>