Create a Cluster Map

You can use the ClusterMapFromResults action to create a map of the clusters that you generate from your query.

You provide XML-formatted cluster information to ClusterMapFromResults as the value of the ImportXML parameter, and the action returns a 2-D cluster map as binary image data. The file is by default in JPEG format, but (as in the case of the ClusterServe2DMap action) you can specify another format by setting the PictureFormat configuration parameter in the [Cluster] section of the IDOL Content component configuration file.

ClusterMapFromResults also creates and stores a new set of cluster results that includes the map coordinates of the clusters. If your application uses these cluster results to support mouse-over effects when displaying the cluster map, you can retrieve the results by using the ClusterResults action. In this case, use the TargetJobName from the ClusterMapFromResults action as the SourceJobName in the ClusterResults action.

When you use the ImportXML parameter to send data to ClusterMapFromResults, you must use the following format:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
<autn:clusters xmlns:autn=''>
        <!-- more terms -->
        <!-- more docs-->
    <!-- more clusters-->

This XML format is similar to the format of the XML results of a Query action. If you pass this data to the ClusterMapFromResults action in the ImportXML parameter, you must first percent-encode it.


As an alternative to providing XML data to ClusterMapFromResults, you can provide it with a job name from a previous ClusterCluster action.