Generate WhatsNew and WhatsHot Information

The ClusterCluster action allows you to analyze clusters in a snapshot that you took using the ClusterSnapshot action.

Clustering is a multistage hybrid algorithm. After the IDOL Adaptive Probabilistic Concept Modelling (APCM) technology identifies similar documents, a hierarchical agglomerative clustering algorithm groups documents into conceptually similar areas. Dynamic binding and fixating produces the required clusters. The title is generated automatically by cross-correlating important concepts in a cluster with concepts in the titles of documents in that cluster.

The IDOL Category component saves the results of clustering as a named cluster job. You can specify that job name when taking other actions on the clustered data. You can also set up a schedule that runs the ClusterCluster action at regular intervals.

Depending on which parameters you combine the action with, you can generate WhatsNew or WhatsHot information.