View and Administer Classifiers

After you have set up classification, you can list and view classifiers, retrain classes, and delete classes and classifiers.

List and View Classifiers

The ClassifierList and ClassifierGetInfo actions allow you to view information about the classifiers you have created. ClassifierList returns information for all classifiers, and ClassifierGetInfo returns information for a single classifier that you specify. Both actions return the number of classes in the classifier, the feature fields that the classifier uses, and whether the classifier has been trained.

For example:


This action returns the names of all your classifiers, and the information for each classifier.


This action returns information for the food classifier.

Retrain a Class

You can change the training documents associated with a class in a classifier by using the ClassifierSetClassTraining action. This action overwrites any existing training for the class with the new training. After you retrain a class, you must retrain the classifier.

To retrain a classifier

  1. Send the ClassifierSetClassTraining action with the following parameters:

    For example:


    This action updates the training for the vegetarian class in the food classifier to use the documents listed in the state token G7KPID13APWM-15.

  2. Send a ClassifierTrain action to IDOL Server, with the ClassifierName parameter set to the name of the classifier.

    For example:


    This action trains the food classifier, and updates the training for the retrained classes.

Delete a Class

You can delete a class from a classifier by using the ClassifierDeleteClass action. After you send this action, IDOL Server automatically retrains the classifier.

For example:


This action deletes the vegetarian class from the food classifier and retrains the classifier.

Delete a Classifier

You can delete a classifier that you no longer need by using the ClassifierDelete action. This action deletes the classifier and all associated classes.

For example:


This action deletes the food classifier.