IDOL stores agents and categories in the IDOL Agentstore component in the same way as the IDOL Content component stores documents. You can create agents and categories by using IDOL actions (in the IDOL Community component or IDOL Category component), or you can index an IDX or XML agent or category into the Agentstore. For example:

My Cat and Dog Agent
#DREFIELD MyABField="cat AND dog"
#DREFIELD FieldTextField="MATCH{cat}:Animal"

Similarly, you can search for agents and categories in the IDOL Agentstore component in the same way that you search for documents in the IDOL Content component.

For example, you can find agents and categories that match a document. This process allows you to categorize documents, or alert users when a new document matches their agent.

In this case, AgentBoolean expressions can improve the performance and accuracy for matching documents. It also provides extra functionality that you cannot easily achieve with simple conceptual agents.

Match Specific Concepts

If you have an Apollo category, it matches documents that contain the concepts Apollo space program and Greek god Apollo. You can use a Boolean expression to specifically restrict results to one or other of the concepts. For example:

"Space Program" NOT "Greek god" 

Use Field Restrictions

You can use field restrictions in your AgentBoolean expressions, to match only the most relevant documents. For example:

"New Zealand":COUNTRY AND wine.

This expression matches documents that contain the phrase New Zealand in the COUNTRY field, and contain the term wine.

Use Term Occurrence Restrictions

You can use term occurrence restrictions in your agents to ensure that only the most relevant documents return. For example:

"Gene Therapy"[10:]

This expression matches documents in which the phrase Gene Therapy occurs ten or more times.

Categorize Documents before Indexing

You can use the Connector Framework Server (CFS) to match documents against categories before you index them, and to tag the document with the appropriate category. You can use AgentBoolean categories for more specific categorization. This method speeds up future searches for documents that match a category, because the document is already tagged.

You can also use this method to prevent documents from being indexed, based on the category data. For example, you can automatically prevent the IDOL Content component from indexing a document that contains sensitive or restricted material.

Alert Users to Documents that Match Their Agents

Connector Framework Server (CFS) allows you to alert users to documents that match their agents before you index the documents. In this case, CFS can send a TextParse query to the IDOL Agentstore component to find all agents that match the document, and then email the users who own those agents.

TextParse queries allow you to send a whole IDX or XML document to Agentstore in a query. Agentstore extracts fields that you configure as TextParseIndexType from the document and uses the contents of these fields as the query text.

AgentBoolean rules improve the speed and accuracy of this agent matching procedure.