Integrate with a Third-Party User Structure

The DeferLogin option allows you to integrate the IDOL Community component with a third-party system (such as SiteMinder, Windows NT, LDAP, or Lotus Notes) to manage authentication. The entitlements of the users are set to the ones given to the IDOL Community component default (root) role.

To use the DeferLogin option

  1. Set DeferLogin to True in the [Server] section of the IDOL Community component configuration file, and restart the IDOL Community component.

  2. Add DeferLogin=True to any user action that you send.

When you turn on DeferLogin, Community accesses the third-party system to manage the user authentication. When a user logs onto the system for the first time, Community creates a user with the appropriate name, and allocates the default role permissions and settings to this user.

For example, if you send a user action (such as UserRead or ProfileUser) with DeferLogin for a user that does not currently exist in Community, Community automatically creates the user in the system, based on the user name from the third-party system.