Manage Roles in IDOL Admin

As an alternative to submitting actions, you can create roles and assign them to users by using the IDOL Admin interface.

To manage roles in IDOL Admin

  1. In the Control menu, click Roles.

  2. Click Add Role.

    The Add Role dialog box opens.

  3. Type the name of the role that you want to create, then click Add Role.

    IDOL Admin creates the role and adds it to the list of roles.

  4. Select the role that you want to associate with the user, then click Add User.

    The Add User(s) To Role dialog box opens, displaying a list of IDOL users.

  5. Select the check boxes beside the users to add to the role. To select all users, select the check box alongside User. The check boxes next to all users are automatically selected.

  6. Click Ok.

    The Add User(s) to Role dialog box closes and the users are added to the user list.

To remove a user from the selected role, click X beside the user. The Delete Role User Confirmation dialog box opens; click Delete to remove the user from the role.