Enable Password and PIN Code Time Restrictions

To help prevent unauthorized access, you can ensure that users change their passwords and PIN codes regularly.

You can ensure that users do not re-use passwords. The IDOL Community component can store a list of used passwords, and prevent users from re-using a stored password.

Community can also ensure that users keep passwords for a minimum duration. This option prevents users from immediately changing their password several times to return to a previous password.


You can use the UserReadUserListDetails action to check the time remaining (in seconds) until password expiration for a user. If the password has expired, -1 is displayed.

To configure password and PIN code time restrictions

  1. Open the IDOL Community component configuration file in a text editor.

  2. Find the [User] section, or create one if it does not exist.

  3. Set the PasswordChangeDuration parameter to the time interval after which users must change their password. For example:

  4. Set the PincodeChangeDuration parameter to the time interval after which users must change their PIN code. For example:

  5. Set the MaxNumPasswordPerUser parameter to the number of passwords that you want to store in Community. Users cannot change their passwords to any of the stored passwords. For example:

  6. Set the KeepPasswordDuration parameter to the length of time that users must keep a password before they are allowed to change it again. For example:

  7. Save and close the configuration file.

  8. Restart the IDOL Community component for your changes to take effect.

  9. Notify your users of your password and PIN policies.