Create User PIN Codes

You can create user PIN codes to use for authentication in addition to passwords. The IDOL Community component can lock users out if they fail to authenticate using the PIN code.

To configure the IDOL Community component to use PIN codes

  1. Open the IDOL Community component configuration file in a text editor.

  2. Find the [User] section, or create one if it does not exist.

  3. Set the PincodeLength parameter to the length of PIN code that you want to use. Created PIN codes must have the specified length, and must consist of alphanumeric characters. For example:

  4. Save and close the configuration file.

  5. Restart the IDOL Community componentfor your changes to take effect.

Add a PIN Code for a User

When you enable PIN codes in the configuration file, you can assign them to users by sending a UserPin action.

To add or change a PIN code

Authenticate Users with PIN Codes

You authenticate users with PIN codes by using the UserPin action. This action can check certain characters in the PIN code, rather than the whole PIN code.

To authenticate a PIN code

For example, to authenticate by using the third, fifth, and sixth characters from a PIN code, you must set Positions to 3,5,6. The Values parameter then contains the values that the user provides, for example y,9,a. Community checks that the specified values occur at the specified positions in the PIN code.