Restore to a Time

To restore your index to a particular time, you can send a DREINITIAL index action (case sensitive), and set the RestoreTime parameter.



ContentHost is the IP address or host name of the machine on which Content is installed.
indexPort is the Content index port (specified by the IndexPort parameter in the [Server] section of the Content configuration file).

is the time that you want to restore to. For a list of available time and date formats, see Date formats .


If you use a format that contains a space (such as a date and time), you must percent-encode the parameter value.

Content processes date and time values according to the timezone of the server. To avoid confusion or inconsistent results, HPE recommends that you use the epoch seconds format where possible. The GetBackupData action returns the available backup times in epoch seconds, and the IndexerGetStatus action returns the times for index jobs in epoch seconds if you set EpochTime to True, so that you can find the time that you want to restore to.

When you restore to a time, Content:

To find out which backup file Content would use to back up to a particular time, use the GetBackupData action, with the GetBackupForRestoreTime parameter. See Return a List of Backup Files.