Import Users, Roles, Agents, and Profiles

You can import IDOL Community component users, roles, agents, and profiles from a specified XML file (into which you previously exported them from Community by using the UserExport action). You can use this process, for example, to transfer Community to a different platform.



CommunityHost is the IP address or name of the Community machine.
ACIPort is the Community ACI port (the value of Port in the [Server] section of the Community configuration file).
fileName is the name of the XML file that contains the users, roles, agents, and profiles that you want to import. If the XML file is not stored in the same directory as Community, specify the path to the file as well.
fieldCSV (optional) allows you to restrict the import of user fields by specifying a Wildcard list of fields to import. If you specify multiple fields, separate them with commas (there must be no space before or after a comma). Community imports only user fields that match a listed field.

For example:

This action uses port 20000 to import Community users, roles, agents, and profiles from the file MyFile.xml.