Export IDX Documents from the IDOL Content component

You can send a DREEXPORTIDX action (case sensitive) from your Web browser to export IDX documents from one or more IDOL Content component databases. (Use DREEXPORTXML to export XML documents.) Use the following syntax:



ContentHost The IP address or name of the IDOL Content component machine.
indexPort The IDOL Content component index port (the value of IndexPort in the [Server] section of the IDOL Content component configuration file).
fileName The path to the location where you store the IDX files to export. Double-byte file names are acceptable. The path must include a basic file name, which Content postfixes with incremental numbers and an appropriate extension. If you do not specify a file name, Content exports the files to the current working directory (IDOLserver\IDOL\content), and Content creates a file name in the format AUTN-IDX-EXPORT-host-port-date>-time-incrementalNumber.extension.
Compress Whether to compress the exported files. Set Compress to False if you do not want to compress the files.
databaseCSV If you do not want to export documents from all Content databases, enter one or more databases to restrict the export to. If you want to specify multiple databases, separate them with plus symbols, commas, or spaces (there must be no space before or after plus symbols or commas).
size The maximum number of document sections that you want to export to one IDX file. The default value is 100,000 sections.
minDate The earliest creation date or time that a document can have to export.
maxDate The latest creation date or time that a document can have to export.

For additional action parameters, refer to the IDOL Server Reference.

Example 1:,Archive&BatchSize=1000&MinDate=01/01/2003&MaxDate=01/01/2004

In this example, Content exports all IDX documents that have dates between the first of January 2003 and the first of January 2004. It exports from the News and Archive databases to a series of compressed files in the /export/data/backup directory. It names the files created in this directory output-0.idx.gz, output-1.idx.gz and so on.

Example 2:

In this example, the IDOL Content component exports all IDX documents to a series of compressed files in the current Content working directory (IDOLserver\IDOL\content). It names the files created in this directory AUTN-IDX-EXPORT-12.04.2005-02.15.41-0.idx.gz, AUTN-IDX-EXPORT-12.04.2005-02.15.41-1.idx.gz and so on.


Content does not split the sections of a multiple section document across batches. If the exact BatchSize splits a multiple-section document, Content does not use the exact value.


You do not need to uncompress compressed IDX files before you index them. For example, the action DREADD?output-0.idx.gz indexes the output-0.idx.gz file correctly without you having to uncompress the file first.