Archive Index Actions

You can configure the IDOL Content component to store a record of all index actions that it runs. You can use the archive of index actions to replay index actions, for example after you restore to a backup.

When you have configured ArchivePath, Content saves all index actions to the specified path. It also archives any state tokens that have been referenced in the DREREPLACE, DRECHANGEMETA, DREDELETEDOC, DREEXPORTIDX, DREEXPORTXML, and DREEXPORTREMOTE index actions.

During a DREINITIAL index action, Content stores the contents of the archive directory in a subdirectory, so that you can replay actions after you restore from a backup. If you restore to a time, Content automatically replays archived index actions between the last backup file and the restore time.


When you configure an ArchivePath, you can optionally stop Content from indexing a particular index action by using the NoArchive index action parameter for any index action.

However, if you use the NoArchive parameter for an index action that changes the state of the index, and then use DREINITIAL and RestoreTime to restore the index, the restore process does not include these changes, and the final index state might be different.