Use a Custom Term Weight File

A custom term weight file defines a set of terms and weights to use when the IDOL Content component calculates relevance weighting at query time. Content calculates term weights at index time, and stores a list of term weights for the index. You can retrieve the term details by using the TermGetInfo action.

In a distributed system, you might want to use a custom term weight file to ensure that all your child servers have the same term weighting, to ensure consistent results and relevant weighting across your indexes.

When the custom file exists, Content uses it for all queries unless you set the CustomWeight action parameter to False for an action. This action parameter is available for the Query, Suggest, SuggestOnText, GetQueryTagValues, Summarize, TermGetBest, and TermGetInfo actions.

You can use the DREMODIFYTERMWEIGHT index action to add, modify, or delete a custom term weight file.



ContentHost is the IP address or host name of the IDOL Content component.
indexPort is the IDOL Content component index port (specified as IndexPort in the [Server] section of the IDOL Content component configuration file).

is the file name and path to the XML file that contains the stemmed terms and custom weight values to use.

You can use the output from the TermGetInfo action, or an XML file with the same structure. Content extracts the term from the value of each <autn:term> tag, and the weight from the value of the apcm_weight attribute in the tag.

For example:

<autn:term apcm_weight="nn">TERM</autn:term>

Content applies weight nn to TERM (TERM must be stemmed).

For example:


By default, if you have an existing custom term weight file, Content updates the file with the values in the new one. Content adds any terms that do not exist in the current file, and updates the weight for any terms that do exist. You can set the KeepExisting parameter to False to delete the existing file and replace it with the new one.

You can also set KeepExisting to False without setting the Filename parameter. In this case, Content deletes the custom term weight file and uses the default index weights. For example:


For more information about the DREMODIFYTERMWEIGHT index action, refer to the IDOL Server Reference.