Delete Documents by Reference

If you identify one or more documents by their reference field, you can delete them from the IDOL Content component data index by sending a DREDELETEREF action (case sensitive) from your Web browser:



ContentHost is the IP address or host name of the machine on which the IDOL Content component is installed.
indexPort is the IDOL Content component index port (specified as IndexPort in the [Server] section of the IDOL Content component configuration file).
docReferences is a list of the (percent-encoded) references of the documents that you want to delete. If the references contain plus symbols (+) or spaces, percent-encode each reference, then separate multiple references with plus symbols (there must be no space before or after a plus symbol).

is the field that contains the reference specified in the Docs parameter when a document has more than one reference. Separate multiple references with commas or spaces (there must be no space before or after a comma). For example, the following action:


deletes a document that contains the following references:

#DREFIELD REFFIELD1="myref1.txt"
#DREFIELD REFFIELD2="myref2.txt"

but does not delete a document that contains the following references:

#DREFIELD REFFIELD1="myref2.txt"
#DREFIELD REFFIELD2="myref1.txt"

is the name of the database that the documents that you want to delete belong to.

This parameter is optional. If you do not specify a database, Content deletes the document from all databases that contain it.

For example:

This action uses port 20001 to delete the documents with the specified URLs from Content, which is located on a machine with the IP address