Create a New Database

You can create a new database in the IDOL Content component by using one of the following methods:


The database name must not contain the following characters, which are syntax characters in other parameters that use database names:

In addition, HPE strongly recommends that you do not use white space characters (including \t, \r, \n, and so on) in your database names.

Send a DRECREATEDBASE Index Action

To create a new database by this method, send a DRECREATEDBASE action (case sensitive) from your Web browser:



ContentHost is the IP address or host name of the machine on which the IDOL Content component is installed.
indexPort is the IDOL Content component index port (specified as IndexPort in the [Server] section of the IDOL Content component configuration file).
databaseName is the name of the database that you want to create.

For example:

This action uses port 20001 to create a new database named Archive on the IDOL Content component on the machine with the IP address


This action does not complete if the configuration file is read-only.

For information about other available parameters, refer to the IDOL Server Reference.

Add a Database to the IDOL Content component Configuration File

Use the following procedure to add a database to the IDOL Content component configuration file.

Create a new database in IDOL Admin

You can add a new database for the Content or Agentstore components, or IDOL Proxy, from the Databases page in the Control section of the IDOL Admin interface.