Display Online Help

The IDOL Server installers includes a help data file (help.dat) for each IDOL component that you can install. For the IDOL Server components, each help package includes IDOL Expert, the IDOL Server Administration Guide, and the appropriate component Reference (for example the IDOL Content component Reference). In a unified IDOL Server installation, it includes the full IDOL Server Reference.

You can display the help by sending an action from your Web browser.


For an IDOL component to display help, the help data file (help.dat) must be available in the same directory as the service instance.

To display help for an IDOL component

  1. Start the IDOL component.

  2. Send the following action from your Web browser:



    IDOLhost is the IP address or name of the machine on which the component is installed.
    port is the ACI port by which you send actions to the component (set by the Port parameter in the [Server] section of the component configuration file).

    For example:
  3. On the help landing page, click one of the following options to open the relevant help set.

    Admin Guide The Admin Guide contains information about how to set up, configure, and administer IDOL Server.
    Reference The Reference contains details of all the actions and configuration parameters that you can set in the IDOL component.
    IDOL Expert IDOL Expert provides conceptual overviews and expert knowledge of IDOL Server and its features and functionality.

    If you are new to IDOL, you can use IDOL Expert to find out more about the different functions that IDOL can perform. You can use the Reference to look up specific configuration parameters and actions.

    The navigation panel for the IDOL Server Reference lists the following options to display reference information.

    Tab Description
    Actions Describes the actions that you can send to the IDOL component (or IDOL Server). Actions allow you to query the component, and to instruct it to perform a variety of operations.
    Configuration Parameters Describes the parameters that determine how the component operates. You can set configuration parameters in the component configuration file.
    Index Actions Describes the index actions that you can send to the component. This section is available only in components that accept index actions (primarily Content and IDOL Proxy). Index actions allow you to index content into IDOL Server, and to administer the data index.
    Service Actions Describes service actions. Service actions allow you to return data about the IDOL component service, and to control the service.