Community Error Codes

The following table describes common error codes for the IDOL Community component.

Error code Description
–2147483391 Error: Bad Parameter
–2147483390 Error: Out Of Memory
–2147483388 Error: File Error
–2147438079 Error: User Exists
–2147438053 Error: User Not Found
–2147438078 Error: Too Many Users
–2147438077 Error: Agent Exists
–2147438076 Error: Agent Not Found
–2147438075 Error: Data Index Error, Data Index not found
–2147438074 Error: Agent Index Error
–2147438073 Error: Too Many Agents
–2147438072 Error: Field Not Found
–2147438071 Error: Role Exists
–2147438070 Error: Role Not Found
–2147438069 Error: Privilege Exists
–2147438068 Error: Privilege Not Found
–2147438067 Error: Profile Not Found
–2147438065 Error: Numeric terms must be specified alone
–2147438064 Error: Data Index Error, no terms found