Configuration File Sections

The IDOL Server configuration file contains several sections, each of which represent a specific area that you can configure by setting appropriate configuration parameters. For details on all available configuration parameters, refer to the IDOL Server Reference.

The configuration file sections for each configuration parameter are listed in the IDOL Server Reference under Configuration Sections.

In a unified IDOL Server configuration, all components read settings from the same configuration. In a stand-alone component, you create a separate configuration file for each component. In most cases, the names of the sections are the same. Some sections are available for more than one component.

For information about the configuration sections and settings available for each individual component, refer to the Reference for that component (for example, the IDOL Content component Reference.

The configuration file can contain the following sections:











































Some of these sections might not be present in the IDOL Server configuration file immediately after installation. The sections that you require depend on the operations that you need your IDOL Server to carry out.