Use KillDuplicates and Combine on ReferenceType Fields

When you instruct HPE IDOL Server to eliminate duplicate document copies at index time using a specific ReferenceType field (by setting the KillDuplicates parameter in the HPE IDOL Server configuration file), it automatically uses any field listed for PropertyFieldCSVs alongside this ReferenceType field in the HPE IDOL Server configuration to eliminate duplicate document copies as well.

However, HPE IDOL Server cannot use the same field for deduplication as for the Combine action parameter, because the Combine operation clashes (carried out at query time) with HPE IDOL Server eliminating duplicate fields. This clash means that, if you want to eliminate duplicate document copies and use the Combine action parameter, you must set up separate ReferenceType fields for these processes.

After you index documents into HPE IDOL Server, you can use, for example, the */DREREFERENCE field to eliminate duplicate copies of documents. (HPE IDOL Server then automatically also uses the */URL field for deduplication because it is listed alongside */DREREFERENCE for PropertyFieldCSVs.) This leaves you free to use the */DRETITLE field for the Combine operation.