NumericType Fields

You can configure HPE IDOL Server to identify fields that contain numerical values. When these fields are indexed, HPE IDOL Server stores them in a fast look-up table in memory, so that it can quickly return the field. A numeric field can contain a comma-separated list of numbers. HPE IDOL Server stores each value as a numeric value for this field, for this document.


You cannot configure a field with two numeric-based types concurrently. Numeric-based types include NumericType, NumericDateType, MatchType, ParametricRangeType, ReferenceMemoryMappedType, and ParametricType when the ParametricNumericMapping configuration parameter is set to True.

If you now send a query for a specific value that is stored in the PRICE field, HPE IDOL Server memory maps the range that this value is in, so that it can return results more quickly next time a value that lies in this range is queried.


The PRICE field must contain a number between 50 and 100 (including decimal numbers) for this document to return.

HPE IDOL Server sorts the results that it returns for the query according to the values that their PRICE fields contain. The results whose PRICE field contains the smallest value is listed first, followed by results with increasing values in the PRICE field.